Creating a Life as I Go… Instead of Showing an Already Created Life

Citygal Demo


Catherine Schmitz © 2013

First Things First… Who is Citygal? 

Citygal is a character whose life will be told through my simple 4×6 drawings. In every drawing, the scene remains the same: a city landscape with black buildings, the three looming clouds, a waterfront and a sidewalk. What will change is how Citygal appears, what she is wearing, doing or holding, and the one sentence description underneath. I am making the decision to create the plot of her life as I go, instead of sculpting it out so that her life remains fluid and changeable, just like we want ours to be. Some people believe in fate, some believe in free will. I don’t believe it is my place to determine her fate from her birth. Citygal will grow into her own person and have her experiences as she grows.

Fate vs Free Will 

This isn’t a project denying a predetermined fate. All I am trying to do is make sure to capture the little things that happen along the way that would otherwise be forgotten if I had planned her entire life out from the getgo. Another reason why I am taking this route is because of the timeline of her life. By already creating her story, I am essentially choosing her death as well. The end of the story is already known. Again, I don’t think that’s fair to the character because she needs to grow and develop as her story and drawings will. If it is her time for the story to end, then it is her time. But just as things are getting good, I don’t want to limit her possibilities by ending the story when something better could have happened for her.


Where it Begins

With that said, every story needs a moment of beginning. For Citygal, her story begins as a young naïve girl who happens to wander away from her parents out on a walk. Don’t fret. She isn’t alone. In her company is her floppy stuffed rabbit named Ted. At this moment in time, Ted and Citygal sit down and play on the sidewalk until her parents discover that she has strayed and come looking to find her. Even though they don’t stay long, this discovery of her new space sparks her story and her journey. She loves the place on the sidewalk from the moment she arrives. Throughout her life, she will return to find solace, reflect, reminiscence and enjoy her time.

Stay posted! The pictures of her life will be posted on my website under “where is she going?” as well as snippets on this blog. Check out the site for the full story. My goal is to put about 5 pictures a week onto her timeline. During the first few weeks of site construction, the flow might seem slower, so please be patient. 

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear them, so feel free to comment and I will try to get back to you!